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Somalia Partnership Forum in Brussels: Business as Usual

With the endless political crisis and the scathing resolution by the EU Parliament that portrayed Somali leadership as autocratic, one would think the Somalia Partnership

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Eritrea Names First Ambassador to Ethiopia in Two Decades

Eritrea has appointed its first ambassador to neighboring Ethiopia in two decades, the government said on Saturday, as the two countries pushed on with a

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2nd official turns down appointment by Hirshabelle authorities
- Apr 24, 2018
Beledweyne A trader from Beledweyne has turned down his appointment to hold a post in the infant Hirshabelle administration, citing a complete lack of consultation before his appointment. Jama Farah Kaba-weyne ...
Boxing: Anthony Joshua beats Joseph Parker at WBO heavyweight bout
- Apr 1, 2018
Anthony Joshua is one step closer to becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion. He just needs one more belt to take the title, but he will have to take on the ...
Breaking: Several Ugandan soldiers feared dead in Al-Shabaab attack on AMISOM base in Bulamarer
- Apr 1, 2018
Several soldiers of AMISOM are feared to have been killed on Sunday after heavily armed Al-Shabaab militants stormed AU military base manned by Ugandan soldiers in Bulamarer town. The attack ...
Wikileaks: US rebuffed Kenya’s request on Jubaland fight
- Dec 5, 2016
Senior American government officials rebuffed a request from former President Mwai Kibaki’s Cabinet ministers for help on Kenya’s ill-advised “Jubaland initiative”, latest cache of leaked diplomatic cables reveal. Wikileaks says US ...
Maxaa u sabab ah bixitaanka Ciidanka Itoobiya ay ka baxeen Qaybo ka mid ah Gobolka Hiiraan
- Oct 23, 2016
Axad, Oktoobar 23, 2016—  Ciidamada Itoobiya ee AMISOM Qaybta ka ah, ayaa Ciidamada Itoobiya ee AMISOM Qaybta ka ah, ayaa subaxnimadii hore ee saakay ka baxay Deegaanka Halgan ee Gobolka Hiiiraan, ...
Salahuddin Ayyubi, the great warrior of Islam
- Oct 3, 2016
Salahudin Ayyubi was a fighter who was freed in Jerusalem of the crusaders, he was a living example of the tolerant, progressive, and inclusive faith which was so dear to ...

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