Security forces flush out Al-Shabaab, kill 115 in central Somalia

At least 115 Al-Shabaab militants have been killed and 110 others arrested in four days of heavy fighting with security forces of Galmudug State of central Somalia, the president said on Monday. President of Galmudug State of Somalia Abdikarim Hussein Guled said the intense fighting ended on Sunday after some of the remaining terrorists fled into the rural areas of Galmudug.

“Galmudug forces after intensive fighting with Al-Shabaab militia for the last 4 days are pleased to see the end of this fighting that killed 115 militias and captured 110 militias that are in custody,” Guled said in a statement.

The president lauded the security forces’ efforts and their swift response to conclude the fighting against terrorists groups.

“The people of Galmudug State hugely welcome the swift response of security forces to conclude the fighting against Al-Shabaab militia that fled from Puntland areas with the aim to re-group in Galmudug areas in order to launch terrorist attacks,” he said.

“Galmudug State will treat those captured with dignity and care according to our religion, the laws of the land and the international laws and they will be given medical and food aid. However, there are small numbers that escaped and fled into rural areas,” he noted.

Guled reiterated the commitment of his administration to wipe out terrorist groups in Galmudug areas as well as lending hand to other areas in order to eliminate all threats posed by terrorists.

He said his administration is also ready to share intelligence and information and will fully cooperate, as security is paramount to the stability of the country.

Guled noted that Al-Shabaab’s strategy was to find bases in northern regions including Puntland and Somaliland areas that are stable.

“The victory that Galmudug forces defeated Al-Shabaab for the last four days and the recent victory in Puntland requires our immediate and collective action to intensify the fight against terrorists in order to stop them re-grouping and finding hide-outs that they can use to plan terrorist attacks,” he said.

Guled offered amnesty to those young people that choose the path of peace by laying down their guns.

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