Lost Camera Found 6 Years, 6,000 Miles Later

lost camera found 6000 miles 6 years later

A camera lost for nearly six years has been found found on a Taiwanese beach after a 6,200-mile journey.

Lindsay Scallan, the camera’s owner, lost the camera during a choppy, night time scuba dive off the island of Maui in 2007.

“The seas were really rough. There was a lot of sand stirred up. It was hard to see,” she told Hawaii News Now, adding that she’d gone to the beach the next morning hoping to see the camera washed up on the shore. “But of course, we didn’t find it, so at that point I just gave up. I was pretty disappointed because I had all my vacation pictures on there. Plus, the cost of the camera,” Scallan said.

The waterproof camera floated around the Pacific for years before being discovered by a China Airlines employee last month. The camera had seen better days, but the digital storage card was intact, and the photos were able to be retrieved.

China Airlines began a campaign to find the owner and reached out to Hawaii News Now, a local media outlet, for help spreading the word. It didn’t take long before one of Scallan’s friends sent her a link about the search for her.

“I just was floored that it was my camera and it was all my old pictures and it was amazing. I just couldn’t believe it had floated so far, so long ago and the memory card was still intact,” said Scallan.

China Airlines said it will fly Scallan to Taiwan to be reunited with the camera, but since she recently started a new job, she’s not sure she can take time off.

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